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Here’s our first minimix showcasing a selection of our favourite tracks from around the globe.

Derobe Dance Band - Kem Dahg
Depakote - Goody
Doczilla - Midnight Reptile
Goldenninjah - Candy
Noiz Rancoh - Uh
Beatr00ts Originals (Adelus) - Ludacyde
Max Bateman - Let’s Chill
Jazzinuf - Unconditional Love
Sage - J’Adore
Gil Scott Heron - Angel Dust



Nice wee remix of a classic beat/ great jam, spread it all around

Give this guy some love, essential listening.

Sunday Soul r00t Sessions

Because every sunday needs matching glitter synth suits

The Commodores - Machine Gun

Bringing it home in true style

What better way to commemorate our 50th blog post than with a UK exclusive of Laruche Records’ free mini EP. Check these guys out cus they don’t fuck around. Find the link to Max Bateman’s bandcamp below and cop all three tracks for free too . What’s not to love?!

DL the EP here for FREE:

In term of free download tracks, laruchemixes or EPs, we have, since the beginning shared and supported a lot of different artists from all over the world, because this is just what we love.
But with this series, we want to put the light specifically on artists who are part of our roster only, and we’re starting with the austrian producer Max Bateman.

Plus, we just hit 3000 followers on soundcloud, what a good opportunity to thank all the people who are supporting us so far.
Here is the first mini EP fam, it’s available for free on soundcloud only, we’re hoping you all will enjoy it.

Max Bateman - A Love Odyssey (Mini EP).


01. Max Bateman - Let’s Chill
02. Joe - I Wanna Know (Max Bateman Edition)
03. Michael Jackson - Can’t Help It (Max Bateman Edition)

And remember fam, “The Late Night Activity” EP by Max Bateman is still available on Bandcamp, once again for free:

Beatr00ts Originale remix of Missy Elliott’s Work It.

Gets a bit wobbly towards the end I fear, apologies!

quickie beat over some Bebel G

2nd edit. shorter, but better.
for enhanced hitzmus pleasure!

Back by (my own) popular demand. V GOOD LISTENING

But seriously, check this guy out. He has some rough beat tapes available on his bandcamp and a forthcoming EP set for release in May. If we get an exclusive sneak preview, you’ll be the first to know.

Wesley Slipes from Hank Bewlington single on Reset Industries

An impressive UK producer coming in your ears

Get some jazz inya Ethio Cali Live at the Blue Whale October 10th, 2012

Sidama de Cali aka Ethio Cali (by Todd Simon)


Todd Simon - Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Leader
Randal Fisher - Tenor Sax
Alan Mark Lightner - Steel Drums/Percussion
Itai Shapira - Guitar
Patrick Bailey - Bass
Dexter Story - Drums
Steve Haney - Percussion
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Piano

Special Guest: Bardo Martinez of Chicano Batman - Accordion

*photos by Farah Sosa @